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BENTON COUNTY JUSTICE CENTER                        Kennewick, WA

The jail expansion is a three-story building that connects to the existing jail via a bridge.  Each jail floor is approximately 32,250 square feet plus a mezzanine. The first floor houses jail administration, auto sally port, booking, kitchen, laundry, and medical facilities. The second and third floors were completed as inmate housing. Renovation of the existing jail addressed the original first floor jail upgrades, vehicle sally port and sheriff's offices.

The courts expansion was accomplished with the addition of a new two-story building. It houses five new courtrooms, judges chambers, office space, law library and administrative office.  The existing courts admin spaces were remodeled to meet the needs of the new programmed space plans.

Notice to Proceed with the construction was issued June 4, 2001. The total project cost was $51 million dollars.  The project was completed ahead of schedule (707 calendar days) and came in under budget.